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A variety of fitness equipment is used in my workouts but don't let that detour you. It helps keep things challenging, interesting, and fun! You can slowly build your equipment library as you go. 

Start with 3 sets of weights: Light (3lbs), Medium (5lbs), and Heavy (8lbs). You can increase your weight load as you get stronger. 

Step Platform
The step is used often in my class but not necessarily for step aerobics. It is used frequently to sit on or to do weight bearing exercises. You can do all workouts without a step, you will just need to be creative with modifications.


Extra Step Risers
Extra step risers are used for the leg press and also for step ups or to give you height while sitting on the step. You will eventually want to add up to 4 risers on each end. It looks scary, but it's not. I promise!

Stability Ball
Used for core work, various weight bearing exercises and cardio. If you are short, get a smaller one. If you are tall get a larger one. If your somewhere in between get a medium size. 

For my Level 1 workouts we use a chair. It should have no side arms. Hopefully you have one around your house, for free :)

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